Adilynne’s Newborn Photos

Ms. Adilynne McKenzie was born the day after Christmas. She came fast and furious!  I had such a sweet time photographing this little one.  She was so calm and peaceful and seemed to love being photographed.  Mom is doing great and dad is providing so much support.  I have never had a newborn session go so quickly.  It is hard to pick the right timing for a newborn session so I always allow lots of time for nursing, changing diapers, and rocking to sleep for those sleepy newborn pics.  Addi didn’t need hardly any of that!  She was sleepy in the beginning of our session, so we were able to capture sleepy ones first and she was awake at the end.  She was nursing when I got there and then daddy gave her a bottle near the end of our session.  She is such a sweetheart and I look forward to photographing her in the summer! Congratulations!  Enjoy your sweet babe.

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