Surprise! It’s a BOY!!

What a wonderful birth I had the opportunity to photograph on Monday! This boy took his time coming, but his timing ended up being perfect! I had a busy week of photography starting this weekend with a festival and today I have a wedding… my daughter just started school for the first time yesterday (she is 12 and has been homeschooled up until this year!) and I was soooo nervous this baby would decide to come during one of these important events. He did not though! It was a beautiful sunny day. Mom was laboring when I got there and she was handling the contractions well. Dad was getting the tub ready and supporting mama so well. I wasn’t there long when mama started to feel pushy. It was looking like she was going to have to deliver outside of the tub at first, but baby held out for mama to get in the tub. Only a few pushes and he was out! Mama’s first words… “What is it??” Mama scrambled to look trying to move baby around his short cord and then…. “It’s a boy!!” Mama was in shock. She thought for sure it was a girl. Big Sisters Kiah and Cora and Big Brother Easton came home shortly after to welcome their new brother. It was a beautiful day. Congratulations Sarah and Chris!!