Colleen’s Maternity Photos

What a gorgeous night we got for Colleen’s maternity photos!  We went to Esche Road Beach (also know as Otter Creek) in Honor, Michigan for sunset.  It was warm and clear and everyone was in good spirits.  Mamma was looking beautiful as usual.  Both big brothers are super excited to meet this new little one and had a blast playing in the water after they were done taking photos.  Colleen is due any day now and I can’t wait to capture this little one’s birth day!!

JUL_3807 JUL_3813 JUL_3820 JUL_3830 JUL_3835 JUL_3849 JUL_3876 JUL_3878 JUL_3889 JUL_3897 JUL_3899 JUL_3964 JUL_3978 JUL_3994 JUL_3999 JUL_4016 JUL_4038