Congratulations Derek & Nicole!

Derek called me a little over a week ago.  “I’m going to propose to my girlfriend up there next weekend and I’m looking for a photographer.”  YES!  I LOVE proposal sessions!  We started chatting back and forth to get all the details… you know… this is what we look like, this is my car, this is where you should stand, make sure your back is to the sun, this is where I will be, etc. etc. It is a fun thing to pull off.  He decided on Sleeping Bear Point up in Glen Haven… Not too far from Glen Arbor.  It was a perfect spot. Lots of people were there, and lots of photographers, so I did not look strange with my large camera!!  I decided to follow them out so I could get some shots of them walking.  It was a really nice walk and our plans changed due to beach closures, but we figured it out and he popped the question.  She said YES!!  There was a beautiful sunset for these two lovers and we made sure to have lots of fun.  Congratulations again Derek and Nicole!