Dawson’s Newborn Photos

I am so in love with this brand new family!  I had the honor of photographing this little guy when he was still in the womb and also his incredible journey earthside.  It was so nice to see them all again to capture his newborn photos.  Mamma is a natural at this mom thing.  I walked into the house for Dawson’s newborn session a little over a week after his birth and she greeted me walking around and nursing Dawson while getting things together for the session.  Papa was moving about getting the car seat and snacks together for our venture to Farview Orchard.  Such a beautiful site to see them working together so brilliantly.  We started out capturing a few images in their home and then headed out to their family’s cherry orchard in Sutton’s Bay, Michigan for the rest of the session.  How special to be able to capture newborn photos outside!  (This was my second newborn session this day, so two in one day even!) This orchard is a very special place to this family as it is the place that they got married and also the place where we captured images of Dawson’s beautiful mamma and her baby belly earlier this year when the trees were in full bloom.  I can’t wait to photograph Dawson growing up in this orchard!

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