Human Nature School Photos

I had the pleasure of photographing the amazing pre-school and homeschool programs at the Human Nature School in Traverse City, Michigan this year for their school photos. I get to spend 3 days out in the woods with these kids, their instructors, and volunteers. This non-profit organization fosters deep connections to nature, community, and self. The instructors are compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable. They have adult and student volunteers that love nature, want to give back to the community, and are so sweet with the kids. These kids hike many miles out in the woods at the Grand Traverse Commons. They build forts out of tree branches, bark, rocks, etc. They play games that heighten their awareness of their senses, experience working as a team, surviving alone in the wilderness, and so much more. The kids were laughing and smiling most of the day and the weather was not great on the days I was out there with them. It was cold, rainy, and even snowing at times. I cannot express how highly I recommend this program to anyone in the area. They have adult classes and after school programs as well. If you are interested in learning more about this organization and possibly even donating or volunteering, please visit their website. Below you will find my favorite photos from my time with the Human Nature School.

To view all of the photos taken and have the option to purchase* photos from your child’s class, please use the following links and passcodes.

Otters – Passcode: HNS_Otters
Foxes & Coyotes – Tuesday Class – Passcode: HNS_Tuesday
Foxes & Coyotes – Thursday Class – Passcode: HNS_Thursday

*please note that since most of the subjects are children, anyone ordering a photo will have to be a family or friend of the child in the image. I will double check with the parent before any orders are processed and if they do not approve of the purchase, a full refund will be made. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.