Rainbow baby has arrived!

Yesterday evening my family and I had just pulled into Esche Road Beach out in Empire, Michigan when I got a text from my client saying… “I think this is it.”  I was glad I hadn’t unloaded all of our things!  I was a long ways away!  We turned right around and I dropped them off at home so they could continue on to a closer beach, while I headed out to my client’s home in Traverse City, Michigan.  When I got there she was handling her contractions beautifully.  Things were moving along slowly and her husband was busy getting everything ready.  Her kids had just been put to bed, and they did not know she was in labor, so they were going to get a big surprise in the morning!  She labored into the early morning hours before getting into the tub.  Soon after getting into the tub, her water broke and 2 pushes later she had caught her baby and was cradling her in her arms.  It was amazing.  This baby girl is so beautiful and has the most adorable cheeks and rolls!  Mamma was a total rock star.  The whole family was so excited to meet this baby.  Hosanna is surrounded by so much love.  Congratulations!

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