Welcome Baby Ayleen!

Just a few days before we rang in the new year, I had the opportunity to be at the birth of this beautiful soul, Ayleen Tara Constance. Her loving parents brought her into this world with so much love. They had originally planned a homebirth, but about a month beforehand they realized their baby was breach. After trying several times to turn her, it was looking like this little lady was not going to turn. They were hopeful that the baby might turn once labor started, so when the time came, the birth team met this mama and her husband in their home. This mama labored beautifully there while her mom made us all breakfast; knowing that it could be awhile before their little one would be born. She took every contraction in stride with her husband by her side. Occasionally being cared for by her mother or midwives. It was such a beautiful scene. After progressing for awhile at the house, she was getting closer and although the baby was doing great, she really did not want to turn. The decision was made to head to the hospital. There she would go straight into the OR and have her baby girl via Cesarean section. I gave my camera to dad so he could capture those first moments since I am not yet aloud into the OR (hopefully that will change soon!). Everything went smoothly and they had their healthy baby girl at about noon that Thursday. It was one of the most beautiful births I have ever attended. This mama was a totally rockstar and her husband provided amazing support. This baby is well loved. I am so happy to have been able to capture these moments for this beautiful family. Thank you so much for asking me to be there. Congratulations!!