Welcome baby boy!

My last summer baby was born last week! It was a beautiful summer night when I got the call that the baby was on his way. I kissed my kids goodnight and headed out the door. I walked into a house filled with loving support for this wonderful mamma. She was laboring beautifully on the bed, but desperately wanted to get into the birth pool. The pool was almost ready and mamma was ready to push. Between contractions her amazing birth team helped her to her feet and into the pool. She had two sleeping kids in bed who wanted to watch the birth of their new sibling, so grandma went and got them up while the rest of the birth team supported mamma. Soon after, surrounded by so much love and support, mamma gave birth to her third baby boy. So much joy and happiness. The boys were so excited to have a new baby brother! Mamma and Papa were all smiles. Great job mamma! Congratulations!