Brantley Family Previews

What a sweet session with this lovely family.  We took a hike behind the Grand Traverse Commons in Traverse City, Michigan.  The fall colors were perfect and the boys were ready to have some fun.  We found a climbing tree along with some climbing stumps.  We ran, we jumped, we laughed.  I always have a blast with this family.  These big brothers are so excited to have a new little brother in the family.  Thank you for asking me to capture this special time for you!  tcfamilyphotographer001 tcfamilyphotographer002 tcfamilyphotographer003 tcfamilyphotographer004 tcfamilyphotographer005 tcfamilyphotographer006 tcfamilyphotographer007 tcfamilyphotographer008 tcfamilyphotographer009 tcfamilyphotographer010 tcfamilyphotographer011 tcfamilyphotographer012 tcfamilyphotographer013 tcfamilyphotographer014 tcfamilyphotographer015 tcfamilyphotographer016 tcfamilyphotographer017