Congratulations Brynna & Renato!

I had the opportunity to photograph another beautiful wedding last weekend. Brynna was born and raised in Northport, Michigan and met Renato during a visit to Peru. Brynna and Renato celebrated with their closest family and friends at the Corner Loft in lovely downtown Traverse City.   Both the wedding ceremony and the reception was held in this beautiful space.  The glowing bride and groom went on a walk with me to Clinch Park and the Boardman River to capture some stunning images while their guests enjoyed a cocktail hour.  It was such a pleasure to be able to photograph such a wonderful celebration.  I wish you a long life of happiness and love Brynna & Renato! CornerLoftWedding1 CornerLoftWedding2 CornerLoftWedding3 CornerLoftWedding4 CornerLoftWedding5 CornerLoftWedding6 CornerLoftWedding7 CornerLoftWedding8 CornerLoftWedding9 CornerLoftWedding10 CornerLoftWedding11 CornerLoftWedding12 CornerLoftWedding13 CornerLoftWedding14 CornerLoftWedding15 CornerLoftWedding16 CornerLoftWedding17 CornerLoftWedding18 CornerLoftWedding