Family Photo Time!

Rain or shine, it’s family photo time! This day was a whirlwind. We could see a storm coming in, but it came out of nowhere and we were already in motion before realizing that it was going to be a doozy. When I first arrived, we were waiting for some of the family to get there, so I started with one group and went from there. We successfully got a lot of great family photos of that group when all of a sudden, it started pouring rain! We all booked it to shelter… which was under a deck… not completely free from moisture, but better than nothing! We laughed and goofed around for a bit while it poured rain all around us. One little boy got a splinter, so we had some first aid and love all around to get everyone back in the mood for photos when the rain finally stopped. The sun even came out for an amazing sunset!! Thanks for the great time and asking me to capture you all in photographs! Can’t wait until next time!