Caiden has arrived!

Wow, what a day yesterday.  It was a first for me… 2 births in one day!  I was working on the announcement from the birth I photographed in the morning when I got a call from my client.  She is a very quick birther and she had been having prodromal labor for weeks, so her whole birth team was on edge wondering if we were going to actually make it to her baby’s birth.  She was, however, very aware of her body and was great communicating whenever it felt different and this was one of those times.  Her husband was taking her son to grandma’s house and the midwife team was on their way over.  I told her I would finish what I was doing and head right over.

As I walked up to their house in Traverse City, Michigan, I could hear her birth song.  She was getting close already!  I quickly got inside and got my camera out.  She was laboring beautifully with her husband by her side.  The midwives were filling the tub for her waterbirth.  She labored out of the water for awhile, waiting on the perfect time to get into the water.  This mamma knew what she was doing and when it was time, she got into the tub with determination.  Her baby was born just a few minutes later.  Such a beautiful birth.  Congratulations!