Saling Family Previews

I had such a wonderful trip downstate a couple of weekends ago. I got to know this sweet family because of my love of soccer. I met this mama while on a recreational soccer league in Ann Arbor before either one of us had kids. We hit it off and ended up taking a trip up north together and participating in the Great Lakes Relay. We have been friends ever since. I had the pleasure of spending the day with them a few summers ago up here on the lakeshore. This session, I met them in our old stomping ground, Ann Arbor, Michigan. We went for a hike in the beautiful and woodsey Bird Hills Nature Area. This fall session proved to be as beautiful as ever with golden leaves canvasing the forest floor and hanging on the trees. It was chilly, but we kept moving to stay warm… the dog helped with that. I had such a great time with this sweet family. Enjoy this sneak peak of your photos!