Welcome baby Phoenix

I love watching the families I photograph grow. This was a second birth that I was asked to photograph for this family. Baby Phoenix was patient and waited for the entire birth team to arrive. I loved walking into the quite room of a laboring mama. The tub was filled up and ready when I arrived. Mama was labor beside the birth pool with her husband. The kids were all in bed. The midwife team of three stood nearby making sure everything was ready for this little one once he comes earth side. She got into the birth pool shortly. This mama, who is also training to be a midwife, decided she wanted to have an unassisted birth with the midwives nearby. She was a rock star and labored each contraction beautifully. We could all see the rushes getting more intense… I knew the baby was coming soon. Minutes later she delivered her baby Phoenix into her own arms while in the birth tub. It was amazing. Shortly after the baby was born, the kids started walking into the room to see their newest sibling. The oldest and previous youngest were the first to arrive. So much excitement ran through the house. While the midwives got mama and baby set up to be more comfortable in the bedroom with dad, Big sister made a hearty post-birth meal and the other kids played/read as quietly as they could with all the excitement. The biggest surprise of the night was that this was this mama’s biggest baby yet! It filled my heart to witness the birth of this baby boy and to see the love run through this family. Thank you for asking me to be a part of this very special day. Congratulations Burgess Family!!