Wedding Photography Checklist

Hi!  I am excited to be photographing your wedding!  I will be photographing your wedding in exquisite detail in a documentary style that will then tell the story of your day.  Some people want it this way, with no posed photos.  Others want lots of photo time to do lots of fun things you typically wouldn’t do.  You pick your story.  This is a long checklist, so please don’t let it intimidate you.

I ask you to fill out this checklist so you have an opportunity to think about what photography you want, give me some information about the wedding we may have missed or that may have changed since we talked, and to make sure any “must have” images have been conveyed to me.  This will allow you to have fun on your wedding day and let me take care of capturing the story of your day making sure to capture the details that are special to you.  I do not limit the number of photos taken and will take any and all requests on your big day.

Please fill out as little or as much as you feel comfortable.  Thank you for taking the time to share information about your wedding with me.

Bride's Name (required)

Groom's Name (required)

Wedding Date (required)

Bride's Email (required)

Groom's Email (required)

Telephone Number

Do you have a wedding party? If so, please list the names below, being sure to point out any special people.

Getting Ready Photos:

If having getting ready photos taken, please list the location(s) that the bride and groom will be getting ready:

Ceremony Location:

Please tell me a little about your special ceremony. Details such as how the brides' are arriving at the location where vows will be said (ie. down aisle together or separate, down aisle with parent or friend to "give away", etc.), special ceremonies such as exchanging of rings and/or pouring of sand, and special people providing a reading, guests showering the new married couple with bubbles at the end of ceremony, etc.

Ceremony Photos

Tell me about both of your families (first names only and only if they are attending, please separate with comas).
Bride's Mom & Dad:
Bride's Siblings:
Bride's Grandparents:
Groom's Mom & Dad:
Groom's Siblings:
Groom's Grandparents:

Please list special friends or guests you would like photos with (one per line, full names, and also their role or relationship (ie. officiant, aunt, daughter, etc):

Family & Friends Photos:

Please list the members of your wedding party (one per line, first names only, and also their role (ie. ring bearer, bridesmaid, etc):

Bride, Groom, & Wedding Party Photos:

Would you like me to ride in the limo (or bus) with the wedding party to photograph your mobile celebration to the reception?

How many locations will we be photographing the wedding party other than the ceremony and reception?

Special locations, please list names and addresses for each location below.

Reception Location:

Reception Photos

Anything else I should know or special requests?


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